Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dear iPhone, I love you.

I do. I really, really do. You make me happy. You work when you're supposed to. You don't drop as many calls as everyone says you do (although in all fairness I dealt with T-Mobile for years and pretty much anything is better than them). You make me happy. I love all your applications (especially the FREE Photoshop application). I love your auto-correct feature. And, most of all, I love your little camera.

Thank you. Thank you, iPhone. I heart you.

Copyright Monica L. Shulman

Taken on the 7 train on the way to Queens. This young girl was lounging while her mother fed her raisin bread. She was humming something to herself and her mother was talking to her. She saw me looking at them and she smiled at me so sweetly that it actually warmed me. People on the subway never really interact with each other so this was both kind and surprising to me. It made my day.

Today's Soundtrack:
Coldplay - Swallowed by the Sea


Copyright 2009 Monica L. Shulman

As a reminder, every single photograph that I post here was taken and processed by me and is Copyright Monica L. Shulman UNLESS I say otherwise. I do believe in sharing the work of other emerging and established artists and photographers on here - I learn so much from them and feel strongly that it NEEDS to be shared - and, I always post copyright information and source links for work that is not mine. I really do appreciate your support and your interest in my work so THANK YOU!!

I hate to have to say this but my work is neither free stock nor free art. Please respect copyright and do not use my work without posting a link or without asking permission first if you'd like to use any of it for any reason other than to share on your blog or twitter, etc. This obviously goes for the work of all visual artists and writers whose work I share here. My work is available for sale in open and limited editions either directly through me or through my reps in New York and in Buenos Aires. In addition, certain of my images are also available for licensing either directly through me or via Getty images. I invite you to either email me or visit any one of my sites for more information if you are interested.

Unfortunately I've found my images around the internet being used for reasons other than the ones that I've pointed out here so I have to say it. In fact, I've even received emails from people blatantly telling me that they copy and print the work that is posted here and thanking me for sharing. First, you are welcome to visit my site and enjoy everything that you see here - this is one of the reasons that I write this blog - but it is not an invitation to take any of it - especially for printing or for commercial purposes. I've no doubt that many artists routinely deal with this - please know that this is stealing. There is obviously a lot of time and thought behind creating work and creating a place to share it so I only hope that people are respectful of that.

Again, thank you so much for your support and for your visits!

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