Monday, September 14, 2009

...Wish You Were There...

Happy Monday!

Did you have an amazing weekend? I hope so!

This week is going to be very busy for me but very exciting! Thanks to the lovely and talented Deanne of Dream Sequins I will be shooting two shows at New York Fashion Week tomorrow. And then the rest of the week is shaping up to be very, very busy with a few things that I hope turn into something fabulous.

So, because so many of you wonderful people have asked, here are some photos generously taken by my husband's uncle of my Opening Reception last week. I have my Nikon Coolpix but was so overwhelmed and busy that I didn't even take it out of my bag.










Today's soundtrack:
Muse - Starlight
I know I've featured this song here before but I just love it so much.

By the way, how great were the VMAs
last night? I watched it strictly for the *new* New Moon trailer. But the performance were so fun, as always.

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