Thursday, September 10, 2009

::TONIGHT is the NIGHT::

Today is the day! You've seen me blog about it for weeks now and it's finally here...the Opening Reception for my show from 5pm to 7m...TONIGHT!

I hope you will join me for drinks, food and live music and my new exhibit "In Public" at the Mercantile Exchange Gallery. The gallery is located at One North End Avenue and Vesey Street on the second floor of the building - security will direct you to the space.

Monica L. Shulman Photography Solo Exhibition - Mercantile Exchange Gallery

Here's another sneak preview and the invite...again.

shadows of ourselves.

Oh, and in case you missed it the first time, here's my artist statement describing the collection...

"The world is a blank canvas and its unpredictable scenes are the strokes of color that enhance my photography. My current project entitled "In Public" is a collection of the "ordinary" yet extraordinary happenings of places that I have visited with my camera. Using composition and natural light I explore those precious, inconsequential moments of public life. There is no methodical approach in the selection of my subjects--My choices come from an intuitive place and are fueled by an insatiable curiosity to take part in stories that unfold around me. The energy that lies behind the surface of daily life and the rawness of the candid shot inspire me. The photographs are not always comfortable. They ask that we look deeper than the surface - they hold ambiguities and conflicts and they expose secrets. My images are meant to emerge without visual complications and are simply my subtle observation of my surroundings. I photograph so I can understand."

Monica L. Shulman Photography Solo Exhibition - Mercantile Exchange Gallery - Opening Reception, Thursday, September 10th

PS--This blog will return to regularly scheduled program after today. :)

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