Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear Mamaaa...Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Happy Mother's Day

21 Fun facts about my mother...

1. She came to the United States as a Cuban refugee when she was just 15.

2. She is the second of five children.

3. When she was younger she loved to play basketball.

4. She is completely uncoordinated so my sister and I have always doubted number 3.

5. When she is concentrating or focusing on something she bites her lower lip - I do the same thing and so does my sister and Paloma!

6. When ever she writes me a note or a card she signs "Love, Your Mom" and she draws two hearts - one with Mom inside it and one with "Chess" inside it.

7. She ALWAYS writes notes and she likes to send cards randomly for no particular reason.

8. She's brutally honest...like if you ask her if you look fat she will say yes if you do. This is one of my favorite things about her...

9. She is a hoarder - and there's no doubt that I am too. She collects everything from miniature houses that she has in her office, to fine art, to wine glasses and she refuses to throw anything away.

10. She has a closet full of clothes just to send to Cuba for family.

11. She runs a very successful business with my uncle that they started from the ground up!

12. She still remembers her first teacher who taught her how to speak English when she came to the US.

13. When she returned to Cuba for the first time since she escaped with her family, ALL of her friends who were still there remembered her and came to greet her even though it had been over 30 years since she had left. And she remembered all of them.

14. We talk on the phone at least 5 times a day if not more.

15. She (hardly) ever gives unsolicited advice...another one of my favorite things.

16. She doesn't ALWAYS think she is right and she listens to my sister and me.

17. She has more energy than anyone I know.

18. She sings messages to me on my voicemail.

19. She loves soup and can have it as a meal even though it's a heat wave outside.

20. When I ask her how her day was or what she had for dinner or pretty much anything, she likes to list everything out. I do the same thing...no detail is too small.

21. She met my dad on a blind date and became best friends with his grandmother when he had to go back to Argentina before they got engaged.

Happy Birthday, mama.
I love you. Tsi.

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