Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Blur

"I've never walked in any other city as much as I have in New York. The eyes are filled with images and my legs are constantly moving."

Street Stories

We have a photograph of a person walking through the snow in Soho in downtown Manhattan taken through a window at Dean and Deluca with this quote printed directly beneath it. The figure is blurred - anonymous like so many New Yorkers. Anonymous like I am when I'm out making my way through my day out in the city. So many people are like that. We seem to be just a blur, a tiny spot, in this enormous place just trying to make our way.

This morning I was out running an errand and I stood up to the curb ready for the light to change along with about 50 other people. 50 people on my side of the avenue and 50 on the other. And everyone was like a blur...a collection of people waiting to get some where making a blur. I'm always wondering about that blur and the singular pieces that make it up. When the light changed and we all converged it was like organized chaos. Everyone walking into each other but looking past each other in a way that almost seemed choreographed. I thought of my tiny self as part of this big whole.

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