Monday, July 20, 2009

we're just ordinary people.

we're just ordinary people

You know those Mondays when you're sad it's Monday again but you had such a fabulous weekend that you feel so satisfied and happy that you're not really that sad it's Monday and instead you're excited about the week ahead? That's today for me.

We had an amazing time on Saturday with all 300 members of my family (and we missed the other 300 who couldn't make it) at (one of) my "crazy" aunt's house in Pennsylvania (despite the fact that it took an hour to get from West Broadway to New Jersey thanks to the predictable Holland Tunnel Traffic. I always feel refreshed after an afternoon with "mi gente"...

And, yesterday could not have been a more perfect day. We made breakfast, hung out on the terrace for a while reading and then decided to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to dinner in our favorite borough with a friend. I have about 500 photos of our little walk...check them out later this week.

I started off this morning with a little bit of writer's block. I usually blog my Monday on Sunday night but we got home late last night and we had to watch True Blood before going to bed (so good!)...I wasn't sure what I would have to say today and I usually always have something...even if it's say. Whenever I'm feeling the block I go through my archives and they usually get my creative juices flowing.

So I found this photo that I took in Argentina at this time last year. I've already mentioned that I dind't plan on going to the show this year even though my work was going to be there and it turned out that the directors canceled the show due to the flu scare...H1N1. They rescheduled it for this November. Schools are apparently closed for a month and according to my friends and family, no one even leaves the house unless they absolutely have to for work or market runs. Movie theaters and malls are empty...I barely heard about it on the news here until the other day I saw it on the ticker on CNN.

In any event, today happens to be "El Dia del Amigo" in Argentina. Basically: "Friend's Day" - a day for everyone. We have Mother's Day and Father's Day and I never understood why in the U.S. we don't have a "Friend's Day" - a day for everyone. I've celebrated this day with my friends in Argentina for the last two years and this year I'm home. Last night we said a toast to them. My friends there who I rarely get to see but who are more special and important to me than they could ever imagine. These are people who I grew up with, who taught me things that I could never learn on my own - they are like family. I miss them but just to think about them makes me smile.

I took this photo on a random corner in Buenos Aires last year. I loved the light and the way the person seemed to be emerging from the shadows into something better and brighter. That's how I felt when I was there last year - one year after quitting my job and visiting my family and friends in South America for my first show there. An ordinary person and a new life.

So now I'm looking at this photo and remembering myself there at this time last year and missing the place and the people but happy to know that I feel them in my heart.

happy monday...

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Foo Fighters - Long Road To Ruin
You know I love them.

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