Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer Lovin'...

Don't get me wrong, I'm VERY excited that it's Friday already but I'm a little concerned at how quickly this week has gone by! I for one am really looking forward to this weekend even if I do have to work my "other" job tomorrow but whatever...I can deal with it. I also plan on taking A LOT of photos this weekend. I find myself in the I'm not always in the mood for that!

Tonight we are going to a few galleries in Soho that Mr. S wants to take me to, tomorrow night we have a family dinner and then on Sunday I'm going to watch my niece for a few hours and then possibly head over to Gallery Bar in the East Village for this amazing weekly event that they are having.

Remember last week I blogged about the genius New York artist, Antony Zito. Zito is exhibiting some works at Gallery Bar with the opening of his newest exhibit of portraits - Multiple Personalities. I've seen the collection with my very own eyes and I can say that they are completely mesmerizing. The colors and the technique are so bold. I love them. The exhibit, which includes twenty of Zito’s best works, painted in various styles and mediums, is on display through September 7th. In fact, Gallery Bar will double as his studio for the summer and every Sunday between 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm, when Orchard Street is closed for pedestrian traffic, Zito will offer watercolor portraits to us on a suggested donation basis which will then be incorporated into the show daily, expanding it by hundreds over the course of the summer! Is that not fabulous?!

Participants who choose to pay the full suggested donation price of $100 for their watercolor portrait will be entered into a drawing to win a large scale painting (4’x5’) created to their own specifications from a photo provided by the winner. I'm told that as a Zito original, the piece will be valued at $10,000. Holla!! Beautiful art AND an investment piece...sign me up!



Also, as if all of this weren't amazing enough, as an extra Zito will create acrylic portraits on found materials for people who want to have their image duplicated on a mirror, door, chair, etc. Purchasers of these works will also be entered into the end-of-summer drawing and have their piece incorporated into the exhibit.

With all of this, who wouldn't want to head over there? The space is really cool and's an art Gallery and a bar. Get it...Gallery Bar! Two of my many favorite activities...looking at evocative art and cocktailing.

Even if I don't go this weekend I'm definitely going to get there at some point this summer...I want to meet this guy whose work I really love and admire and I'd lurrrrve a chance to win, of course.

Gallery Bar is located at 120 Orchard Street.



What about you? What are you doing this weekend?


Today's Soundtrack:

Psychedelic Furs - Heaven
A few weekends ago I found this tape in my old room at my parents' house. First of all...a tape! Secondly, Psychdelic Furs! I searched our CD collection and of course I have their Greatest Hits...I love this song. Ah, the 80s.


All images from here.

By the way, check out this photo that was sent to me of Zito painting a mural outside of Lombardi's downtown on Spring Street. If you live in New York and you've never eaten at this institution then shame on you! Get yourself there as soon as humanly possible. And, if you're not from NYC, then put it on your list of places to have lunch when you come to it!

Antony Zito Painting the Mona Lisa at Lombardi's

Oh and this is a review I found too...can you tell I'm a little excited about this artist? :)

The New York Post has called Zito's portrait paintings "sensual" and his renderings of people on materials other than canvas have prompted The Village Voice to refer to him as "a master of the found object". A dedicated resident of The Lower East Side, he is credited with founding the Every Last Sunday art loop, a walking tour that features up to 30 independent art studios and galleries each month. His paintings have been seen in Milk Studios, The Sundance Film Festival, The National Arts Club, The American Museum of Natural History, P.S. 122, The Museum of Sex, Fuse Gallery, Angel Orensanz Foundation and Anthology Film Archives, along with galleries in Los Angeles, Japan and Austria, among others. In May 2004, Zito's portrait of Lee Marvin was featured along side The White Stripes in the United Artists film, "Coffee and Cigarettes", directed by Jim Jarmusch, and he has contributed work to the director's most recent release, "Broken Flowers". His tribute to the Mona Lisa was shown at Deitch Projects in Soho and featured in the 2004 Fall Arts Issue of BlackBook. His illustrations have been published in The New York Press and his murals are featured on the walls of the legendary Lombardi's Pizza and The Spring Lounge in Little Italy. Besides the documentary film to be completed in 2008, Zito is also currently writing an autobiography of his work during the past 15 years in New York City. Driven primarily by the images of his portraits, the book focuses on the layered biographies of the people he has painted. Both the film and book are slated for release in 2008.

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