Thursday, July 23, 2009

I (REALLY) Love Jewelry - I (REALLY) Love Alex and Ani...Like, A Lot.

I love jewelry. What gal doesn't? But I mean I really, really, really love jewelry. I love rings, bracelets, necklaces, everything...when we were little we tried on our great grandmother's jewelry every chance we got. She had an enormous suitcase underneath her bed with all sorts of real and costume pieces strewn about and I would put on five necklaces and a ring on each finger and we'd play for hours. She never cared what we tried on.

I recently came across the Alex and Ani jewelry line and I have to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. What I loved most about the pieces that I saw is that they are each environmentally conscious and hand crafted from recycled metals and they are expandable so they have a custom fit. Loves it.

I must admit that I first saw them in US Weekly and, if it's good enough for Vanessa Hudgens, Jessica Simpson, Miley Cyrus, and Cameron Diaz then it's good enough for me!

I've been on the site all morning trying to decide what to get. What do you think?

I am OBSESSED with hoop earrings. I find that I wear them mostly in the summer but I just love how they make me feel. These are so sexy and youthful and who doesn't want to feel like that? These would look fabulous with a summer dress, one of the many sandals I picked up this season and a tan, no? But I also love that they can make the transfer to cold weather...wouldn't they look great with a black turtleneck, skinny jeans and over-the-knee boots? I'm imagining a million different outfits to go with these earrings!

I have no words for these...except maybe DIVINE!

I'd probably wear this layered with another necklace but on its own it's so delicate, right?

Here's some more info directly from the website...

Alex and Ani is a company dedicated to creating products of unparalleled quality and beauty that promote consciousness and unity. Our design aesthetic underscores the idea that what is pure and natural is most beautiful. In keeping with that sensibility, Alex and Ani products are handcrafted from recycled metals. Alex and Ani founder Carolyn Rafaelian is deeply committed to creating a greener future for the planet and its inhabitants. Reusing and recycling materials in the creation of her jewelry is an integral part of Rafaelian’s mission as a conscious, eco-friendly designer.

Protecting the environment is one of Alex and Ani’s passions. Manufacturing in America is another. All Alex and Ani products are made in the United States. This is a point of pride for our company. Rafaelian believes passionately in keeping American workers gainfully employed and in producing products of the highest quality. American standards know no equal. Alex and Ani accepts no less.

Quality and consciousness come together in every Alex and Ani piece. Alex and Ani’s collections are made up of powerful, meaningful, and spiritual pieces, which uplift and inspire all who wear them. Rafaelian’s design aesthetic works on two levels, she is creating art and, through that art, facilitating consciousness. Each piece has an inherent symbolic value, while, at the same time, reflects the personal style of the wearer.

The cornerstone of the Alex and Ani jewelry line is the Signature Expandable Concept. An innovative, patented, and original technology, the Signature Expandable Concept replaces traditional clasps with a sliding mechanism -- making necklaces, bracelets, and rings adjustable in one swift motion.

The expandable concept is more than a technology, though. At Alex and Ani it symbolizes a revolutionary idea: one elegant design, one perfect fit for all women. The expandable concept was born of the idea that all women should have jewelry that does more than adorn. It should reflect their essence and their interests. The Alex and Ani line is one where consciousness and glamour coexist. It is also one that suits all generations. Ageless and classic, Alex and Ani’s lines reflect Carolyn Rafaelian’s cherished belief that women of all ages deserve jewelry that celebrates their inherent beauty.

The Alex and Ani aesthetic underscores the idea that what is pure and natural is most beautiful and creating jewelry from recycled materials enriches the beauty of each piece.


Happy Thursday!

PS--Is it really Thursday already? I mean, I'm happy tomorrow is Friday but honestly...this week flew by!

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Grisbi - Army Of Me
I used to play this song by Bjork over and over and over again. I loved it and was so happy when I came across this version. It's so cool.

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