Monday, June 08, 2009

You're turning violet, Violet!

This weekend was so awesome that today deserves more than one post. I love when I find surprises like this in Manhattan.


When I first saw these images in my viewfinder I thought I might be in a countryside somewhere. It was just a few bushes in a park downtown but if you use your imagination, you might think that you're walking through a field in Provence or Tuscany. What bolted me back to reality was the sound of a parrot sitting on his owner's shoulder. I'm not kidding.

Copyright 2009 Monica L. Shulman

I was sitting in a park and it was quiet and lovely. I slipped my shoes off and rested my feet on the bench. Suddenly I was bolted back to reality by the most horrifying, animal sound. It was like a shrieking and I thought, someone is killing a pigeon or something. What the hell could it be? It was getting louder and louder until the culprit finally revealed himself. It was an enormous parrot on the shoulder of an enormous man. I thought to myself that the man must be deaf because how else could he stand that sound in his ear. Like any New Yorker, I stared for only a second and then went back to what I was doing...closing my eyes and relaxing and dreaming of far off places. It never even occurred to me that this might be something unusual to see. Guaranteed I wouldn't hear any crazy, screaming parrots in Provence or Tuscany but in New York we call it Monday.

Copyright 2009 Monica L. Shulman

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