Monday, June 15, 2009

Push It to the Side

Monday, Monday...

I'm feeling nostalgic for the weekend. This one was fun but not very restful. How was yours?

One thing I did do...while the rain tapped incessantly on my window on Saturday afternoon...was process some photos that I shot at Washington Square Park on the previous weekend.

Urban Summer

In the Urban Summer VI

It was HOT out on the Sunday I took these and it seemed like everyone who lives south of 14th Street was hanging out in the park.

In the Urban Summer III

Do you sometimes miss being a kid? I'm in the middle. I suppose I miss having no real stress and I miss long, obligation-free summers but I love the now. I love Sunday strolls hand-in-hand and lazy afternoons. I love making my own choices and trying to learn from them. And, I feel lucky that I'm able to push anything to the side and still be able to kick off my shoes and run through a fountain.

In the Urban Summer VII

Today's soundtrack:
Air - All I Need

Stay tuned for more of this series...


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