Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Dreaming...

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Tomorrow we have the first birthday party of my good friends' twinnies. Those two are something else. Then on Sunday, I'm hoping it stays dry long enough in New York to possibly go to the beach or to my mom and dad's to lounge by the pool.

If we get rained out and don't make it to either, I'll be daydreaming indoors, reading
Breaking Dawn (since you now know about my obsession with these books) and dreaming about these images.

She Hit Pause

These photographs are taken by Matt Schwartz of the She Hit Pause studios. Matt is based out of Brooklyn and he creates this imagery using a
polaroid camera and transferring the images to paper. Aren't they absolutely dreamy? I bought this one at the Union Square Holiday Market back in December...

She Hit Pause

All of his work is wonderful and he has a bunch of new collections from a recent trip to Central and South America. Check them out.

She Hit Pause

What are you doing this weekend?
I hope something fabulous.

She Hit Pause


Today's Soundtrack:
In honor of Michael Jackson's death...

When we were little we thought he sang "let's dance! let's shout! shake your body and doodoo browwwwwnn..." We didn't get it but we thought it was the funniest thing ever.

Michael Jackson - Let's Dance Let's Shout (Shake your Body Down to the Grouuunnnddd)

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