Monday, June 22, 2009

Calling All Vampire Lovers

I took absolutely no photos this weekend. As you are well aware, if you follow this blog, that's very unusual for me. For one, it was raining buckets in New York all weekend. And secondly, I was inside reading the
Twilight saga like a lunatic fiend. Don't judge me...I'm only human! ;-)

When the movie came out last year I had absolutely no idea what all the hype was about. I thought Robert Pattinson was devastatingly handsome (ie. hot hot hot) like every other girl in the world with a pulse but that was about it..."he was Cedric in Harry Potter, right?" I thought. On television and in the gossip rags they would show all these people (ie. girls) screaming and looking like they were about to pass out from excitement and I had absolutely no clue what Twilight was...


A few months ago (yes, months), after seeing Twilight on the plane back from our trip to Italy I decided to buy the book. It just sat on my nightstand while I read all the other books there. It collected dust. Then my sister read it and insisted that I just get to it...I ignored her. Then a friend who is obsessed with the books was going on and on about the series so much that I finally gave in and started reading the damn book. It's less than a week later and I'm already half way through the third book. Clearly I'm a little slow on the uptake since every one else in the world has known this...These books are addicting! It's not just that the words just go through your mind and are simple to read (for a 32 year old anyway)--I think the story is so appealing because no matter what age you are, if you've ever been in love, especially for the very first time, you can relate to this book and the two tortured main characters who not only have to deal with teenage love (a drama in and of itself) but they aren't even both human. Of course it isn't meant to be Proust so it's not like you're reading anything particularly profound but the story of star-crossed lovers is so honest and evocative that you can't help but enjoy it.

It's still raining here...actually, not right this second but it did this morning and it's supposed to this afternoon and it's reminding me of what Forks, Washington where it apparently is always gray and wet must be like. I'm looking out at the Empire State Building right now and not the beautiful, deep green and magical forest, but I do feel like I'm there in that story when I'm reading it.

It's SO get to it. Just be prepared to have no life like this loser (ie. moi) for a few weeks while you sit with your eyes transfixed on the page.

Happy Monday...

Twilight Trailer:

New Moon Trailer...out in November...woot!:

Visit the Twilight Amazon Store here. (obsessed much?)

Today's Soundtrack:

Muse - Supermassive Black Hole
This song is on the soundtrack which incidentally is amazing. Stephanie Meyer says she was really influenced by this band in writing her books. I guess they aptly call themselves "Muse"...But, the entire soundtrack is pretty fangtastic (get it?! ha!...again...loser).


And, by the way, I am equally as obsessed with True Blood on HBO but I think I've talked about my latest loves way too much for one that will have to wait for another post. Even Mr. S loves it...and he thinks I'm possessed with the way I've been ranting and raving about the Twilight books over the last few days.

Happy Monday...

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