Thursday, June 25, 2009


I was recently interviewed for a feature (details to follow as soon as it's published) and one of the questions that was asked was: "We often say that a picture tells more than a 1000 words but, this is not always the case. Is there one of your pictures where the story behind the picture has a special place at your heart? And what is the story?"

Immediately I thought of this image "Vivo" - "Alive" in Spanish.


This was my answer:

One of my favorite images is a photo that I took on a beach in New York. I called it "Vivo" which means "Alive" in Spanish. I was going through a difficult time professionally and I was considering leaving my job. It was winter and my husband would take me to this beach where we'd sit and talk things out, where he helped me to relax and we'd talk about my options and goals. It was freezing out but we got out of our car and went for a walk anyway because I just needed the fresh air -- we felt mesmerized by the ocean that day. It sounds ridiculous but I felt like the water that day. The waves where coming toward the shore but the wind seemed to be blowing it in another direction. To me it felt a lot like the way life is...when you know the path that you should take is going in one direction, the easier way toward the shore, but there is something that goes beyond the surface that is making you question that easy path. Eventually I ended up leaving my job and starting a new life and every time I look at that photo, which I have framed at home, I remember how afraid of the unknown I was but also how inspired. I think about how powerful the water seemed and the way the wind was whipping my hair around. I think about my husband encouraging me and laughing at me crouched down on the wet sand to take the photo. It was like a self-portrait in many ways.


Do you have photos that make you feel this way? Photos that just take you some place special and that speak 1000 words even if only to you?

Today's Soundtrack:

Gustavo Cerati - Bocanada
This is one of my all-time favorite songs by my favorite musical artist, Gustavo Cerati.

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