Friday, May 08, 2009

Rules Are Made For Their Own Sake

Whenever I go to a museum I bring a notebook. I always read something that I fall in love with and I need a place to write it down. This is what I found yesterday at the Met:

"Sometimes it seems like rules are made for their own sake, just to give one a reason to make a decision, to think about what is right...I'm not searching for the exact image in my mind's eye. The environment is always changing my vision...I'm moved by idiosyncrasy, particularity and variety over archetype and cliche."

-Nancy Dwyer

Do yourself a favor, if you are in New York City, you must make it a point to visit this evocative exhibit. I never wanted to leave. There was so much inspiration. I felt like a new person when I left.

quiet nights of quiet stars

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