Friday, May 01, 2009

Rear View Window

I had grown tired of looking through my photos of our trip to Italy in March. I thought I had exhausted all of the "good" photos so I took a break from them and focused on other things.

It's a gray first day of May here in New York City and I remembered the rainy afternoons in Florence. We were so annoyed at the weather and we worried that it would rain throughout our entire trip. Thankfully the rain only lasted two short days but I also remembered the photos that I took on those two rainy afternoons.

I started to become completely entranced by the windows and the buildings. I've posted some here before but I overlooked the others. I love when I go back to my archives and see things that for whatever reason did not move me before. On this day in Florence I thought about starting a project based on the windows of Italy and thinking about the lives of the people who live behind them. What do they do? Are they happy? Are they sad? Did they settle in life or do they strive to be something or do something better? Do they live in quiet desperation or do they honestly feel good about their lives? To me, these windows, some old and some new, tell as many stories as the people who are covered and protected by them.

Today's Soundtrack:
Aterciopelados - Maligno

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