Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Daydreaming.

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Oh...Monday. This week will be busy but the reward is the upcoming three-day-weekend and the official start of summer. You wouldn't know it in New York because the weather this weekend was awful - rain, wind, general cold and gray ugliness.

So I'm daydreaming this Monday. More than usual because of the weather and really enjoying it. Mr. S and I are planning a short trip in October for our five year wedding anniversary. Five years! It goes so fast.

We're trying to brainstorm where to go. We're thinking one city for about 5 days in Europe. So far we're thinking London, Venice, Prague, Istanbul, Seville, I don't know...the list of possibilities is very long. Isn't this a nice way to spend an afternoon even though I'm supposed to be working, making things happen, being a productive, working artist?

Where do you think we should go?

Today's Soundtrack:
Radiohead - Weird Fishes
I love this song. I just love it.

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