Tuesday, May 19, 2009

If Ever I'm Feeling Lonely.

Speaking of vacations...what if we went back to Paris? We've been there a couple of times together. We've been there without each other. And, with each trip, whether together or alone, we loved it even more.

Copyright 2008 Monica L. Shulman

I came upon this wonderful blog by a writer who lives in Paris and I've been thinking about something he mentioned in one of his posts. This idea of welcoming loneliness - or, maybe just the feeling of being alone but being okay.

You know you can feel lonely sometimes in a new city or in your own hometown. If ever I'm feeling lonely I find that a walk can cure it. Step outside New York, or Paris, and suddenly you have all the company you need. Even if the company is the comfort of your own quiet thoughts. You have to work hard to be alone in a city like New York and a city like Paris. Even if you are the only person on the block, in New York, there's that energy that is always with you and in Paris you have the ghosts of Parisians Past constantly at your side. Ghosts and history. It's a different kind of energy in Paris than in New York but I often think about Paris when I'm daydreaming. Daydreaming and sitting in my office staring out at the Empire State Building and hearing the traffic on the Avenue outside of my window. Of all of the beautiful places that I've ever visited, Paris is the one that haunts me the most. Okay, Paris and Buenos Aires - the city that alludes me and that holds cherished memories of my childhood and adolescence. But...I digress. That post I will leave for another day.

when I am alone.

But, in the meantime, I'm thinking of Paris and wondering whether we should just go back there for our next trip abroad. Maybe...the list of places we hope to visit is so long but sometimes you just need to go back to basics.

We still have some time to decide though...

Copyright 2008 Monica L. Shulman

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Inspired by last night's episode of Gossip Girl which by the way was so off the hook I can't even talk about it. So good, right? SO. GOOD. Go check out the Daily Intel to get some more GG goodness. xoxo.

le petit chien et la fille.

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