Tuesday, April 07, 2009

My (Partial) Reading List - Photography

Remember your (summer) reading list growing up? I was always excited to see what would be on it and then I wouldn't get to it until mid-August a couple of weeks before classes started again.

Well, I have my weekly reading lists online too. Doesn't everyone? I can't possibly read everything on my blogroll or in my blog reader (and everything that I stumble upon) on a daily basis but I definitely get to them weekly. And even then, I find that I have to catch up on some of my favorites at the end of the month because things like work and life get in the way!

So..I made a small list below of some of my favorite places for photography but there are certainly many more that I love and go back to. Here is my go-to list for photography inspiration, tips, help and general goodness...in no particular order:)

Am I leaving someone out? I don't want to miss out so please share:)

Beware: you will get lost on these links and look up and realize that hours have come and gone and you have no idea where to. Don't say I didn't warn you...


Blow Up
Captivate Me
my polaroid blog
Digital Photography School
It's Pretty Good
Nectar and Light
Magnum Photos
Burn Magazine
Flak Photo
From 10mm to 300mm
Liquid in Plastic
Some Day Some Where
German Saez
Bronwen Hyde
Esteban Diacono
Cool Photo Blogs
Thomas Hawk
Women in Photography
A Girl in Love
FStop Magazine
We Are the Image Makers
Rai Robledo
Miss Aniela
Photo District News
Stuck in Customs
Urban Views
International Center of Photography

I'm definitely leaving more than a few out (believe it or not) but you can always find more inspiration to the left, to the left.

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