Monday, April 27, 2009

Prelude to Summer

Prelude to Summer

This weekend was amazing. The weather is New York was marvelous and we spent our days and nights out on Long Island. Since Mr. S surprised me with a Friday off we were out there on Thursday night and woke up early on Friday to go for a drive and a trip to the beach and to enjoy the day in general. On Saturday we rented bikes and rodes to the beach in East Hampton and then we went home and hung out in the backyard...I actually got sunburned! Usually I would complain about that but I was just so excited that it was nice out that I barely noticed that I forgot to put on sunblock.

We bought some blood oranges. I carried them in the basket of my bicycle and we ate them on the beach. The weekend before we ate them with our friends after drinking way too much wine. They were delicious but eating them after 4 glasses of wine is not like eating them on a spring afternoon after a nice long bike ride or like eating them in Italy. We bought them at the super and I have been craving them since we returned from our trip last month.

While there I ate them every chance I got. I drank blood orange juice every morning and I would be sure to take a few and we ate them in the car while driving through Tuscany. We drove with the windows open listening to random local radio stations. We pulled over just to smell the fresh air and admire the landscape. And we ate lots of oranges. Now I can enjoy them at's not quite the same as Italy but I still love it.

Happy Monday:)

Today's Soundtrack:
laura pausini - entre tĂș y mil mares

Okay, she's actually singing this song in Spanish rather than in Italian but I love it. Laura Pausini is a very well known Italian singer and I think you'll agree that she has an incredible and soulful voice. I've loved her music since I was a teenager and we heard her on the radio A LOT in Italy which only reconfirmed my love for her. Even if you don't understand what she's saying - which is quite moving - you can't deny her voice is...beautiful.

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