Thursday, April 16, 2009

Keeping it Real.

It's the first beautiful day in New York City in a while and I'm thinking about the rain. Go figure. A few days ago I complained and now that the sky is the bluest blue I've seen in ages, I'm nostalgic for the lazy, rainy days of April. Ah, women...we are complicated.

I've just gone through some photos from the weekend. It was pouring and we were hibernating on the couch when we decided to go out for a drive to the beach. We were the only ones there and it was coming down so hard I couldn't even open the window for more than a few seconds.

I snapped these photos and they remind me of some photos that my father took years ago. He shot slides and for some reason these images remind me of them. Don't they look like something from over 20 years ago. Not sure why?

When I was a kid I would stick my camera out of the car window and snap away. I loved the anticipation of picking up the developed prints. I still have that girl inside of me. That curious girl who will try anything even if their is a risk of imperfection or failure...that girl who tried really hard to block out all the noise. I need that girl to keep me sane and true to myself. My photos were crooked and imperfect but they were mine and they were honest. I decided that these were too beautiful and melancholy as they are to process them so they are straight from the camera...hence the crooked horizons too. I feel like they should have round edges but again, I wanted to keep it real and organic as today's technology can be but as real as I think we all want to be without getting wrapped up in all the noise that is constantly around us.

Today's soundtrack:

U2 - Ultraviolet (Light My Way)

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