Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's a Party...You're Invited!

I am participating in a Group Show entitled "Unframed Portraits: The Self and Others" at the Broadway Gallery in New York for two weeks in June (June 1 to June 15). Broadway Gallery is located at 473 Broadway in Soho on the 7th Floor. So, if you're in the area on Friday, June 5th, please come on downtown for the opening reception from 6pm to 8pm!

I'm not going to share what I am showing just yet but they did use one of my images for the press release so please check it out to see the image and to learn more about the exhibit curated by Christina Zhang! Stay tuned for more info and a reminder as the time draws near, of course.

In the meantime, I am listed on Art Fairs International Magazine Online and as one of the Artists of the Month on NY Arts Magazine online. Check those out!

I've been working on a collection titled "In Public" for the last few years. It's an ongoing project that I am very passionate about and the photographs that I decide to display at the group show will be from that collection. Here is a brief Artist Statement that I wrote about the work:

"The street is a blank canvas and its unpredictable scenes are the strokes of color that enhance my photography. My current project entitled "In Public" is a collection of the "ordinary" yet extraordinary happenings on the streets of places that I have visited with my camera. Using composition and natural light I explore those precious, inconsequential moments of public life. There is no methodical approach in the selection of my subjects--My choices come from an intuitive place and are fueled by an insatiable curiosity to take part in stories that unfold around me. The energy that lies behind the surface of daily life and the rawness of the candid shot inspire me and that is why I most often photograph people in their element. I believe the world exists beyond the bounds of what we can see and I am constantly searching for that through the lens of my camera."

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