Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Good-Bye Homer.

Homer was my sister and her boyfriend's bulldog. He lived with his daddy for over 14 years and with my sister for the last four.

Homer was very sweet and he had a very strong personality. When he was younger he walked that sidewalk like he owned it - like a true New Yorker. When he was really young his dad took him everywhere - even to Bergdorf's one time where to claim his turf he went to the bathroom in the middle of the men's department. When he got older and couldn't really walk too far his mom and dad wheeled him out of his apartment and into the elevator in his red RadioFlyer - the Rolls Royce of wagons. When my sister was pregnant with Paloma he would lie next to her belly and he even grew to love his baby sister even though he was really jealous when she first came into the picture. He would sit at his mom's feet in the nursery while she fed the baby and he would would lie by the baby's crib while she napped.

We will all miss him. He was a very good and loyal friend who lived a long and beautiful life.

Homer is survived by his dad, mom, little sister Paloma, his life partner, Lulu and many friends and family.

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