Thursday, April 09, 2009

The (Extra) Long Weekend

We celebrate Passover and Easter in our house and what other way to celebrate these holidays than taking and extra long weekend...four days to be exact. We are spending time with family and enjoying the spring-like (well not quite since it is a bit chilly out still) weather out at the beach.

I'm working on a few different things at the moment...I will share them here soon!

What are you doing this weekend? In case I'm not back until Monday, enjoy your weekend and holidays if you celebrate them:)

Today's Soundtrack:
Mad World - Tears for Fears

I am a HUGE fan of American Idol and have to say that Adam Lambert has been a fave since the beginning of the competition. I love Danny Gokey too but Adam is definitely the cat's pajamas...he's so good that even Mr. S watched his performance with me the other night. That's huge since he usually complains while I insist on watching the show. I also think it has something to do with Mr. S growing up in the 80s and remembering the original song by Tears for Fears. But, in any event, if you live in the U.S. then vote for Adam Lambert! Enjoy...

By the way, these prints are available in small format in my Etsy shop:)

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