Thursday, March 19, 2009

the stories we imagine.

I was riding the subway one afternoon a few months ago and I was having one of those days when you wish you never got out of bed. I was just about to get to my stop when this elderly man said "you look like you have a lot on your mind." I just looked back and him said "you think so?" I kind of smiled. It was more like a half-smile/half-sigh. He smiled back and then the train stopped and I stepped off. He was watching me from the seat directly across from where I was sitting and I was in my own world and didn't notice.

I like to watch people when they aren't looking...when they are not aware of anyone, not even of themselves. When, they're just being who they are, lost in their thoughts or in conversation. New York is a great city for this and I found that Italy is even better. The people are so wonderfully expressive and genuine. I watch them and they start to become characters in these stories that I imagine.

Florence, Italy

This photograph bothers me a bit because I cut the legs off and the frame is not quite how I'd like it but the expression on his face is so heart-breaking and sincere (IMO) that to me, it makes up for my lack of quick reflexes in street shooting.

Pisa, Italy

We stopped in Pisa for a total of 15 minutes. We were turning around in a parking lot and I saw this guy on the phone. In those 15 minutes I took a few photos of the Leaning Tower and a few of him on a payphone. I was mostly surprised that people still actually use those.

Today's soundtrack:
Jeff Buckley - Mojo Pin

Siena, Italy

This is one of my favorite photos of the trip. Men in Siena stand by this group of columns and just talk all afternoon. Some of the other images didn't make the cut but this one is special to me. The background was just luck. I tried to get it in and this is the one photo where I don't have the arm or back of another person walking in front of my camera.

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