Monday, March 09, 2009


I pretty much ate and drank my way through this day. The food included mostly unpasteurized cheeses and raw meats and the drink was mostly Brunello from Montalcino so no, for those of you who commented on yesterday's blog and for those of you who sent me congratulatory emails, thank you but I'm not pregs. :) Prego! is just another word I've learned to use abundantly while here in Italia. I'm happy to know that people are reading though...and I'm happy to know that you're all so happy for me! If I ever announce something like that here on Ciao, Chessa it will be abundantly clear:) That's a promise.


Tomorrow we're off to Montapulciano to try a little place for lunch and then we're going to Rome. We will be in Roma until Saturday and then it's back to New York.

It has been so wonderful to be away - especially when all we watch while we are in our room is CNBC and CNN. What a panic (and mess) our world is in. To be honest, it's unlikely we would have taken this trip if not for the fact that it was originally planned for (and paid for) October of last year. Unfortunately we had to cancel it then and we had to take it before a certain date or we would have forfeited most of our payments. But, I'm not feeling guilty about being away on what is a much needed vacation - even if the reality of the world is not the reality of my current moment.

This afternoon we sat on a hill where we are staying and we were drinking wine. It was just us. For a moment I completely forgot about everything else in the world. It was just us and the vineyards, the rolling hills, the cypress trees that look like they were were placed by hand to perfectly dot the countryside and the slight mist that hovered about. The wind was blowing but it didn't feel cold and I saw for myself the image that I've only ever seen in guidebooks, movies and posters of Tuscany. You can imagine it. My favorite part was how in the distance the sun was only shining in certain parts while others were cloudy. It wasn't ominous at all - it's just that the clouds were moving in and out in such a way that the sunlight seemed to be dancing on the landscape - one moment that grass in the distance looked spectacularly green and the next it was dark and gloomy. You know, life is that way...

I love photography (as you know by now) but I'm quite certain that no photograph that I could ever take would do today justice. And besides, I think sometimes we just have to close our eyes and dream it for ourselves.

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