Sunday, March 08, 2009


I was just thinking about being on vacation and having perspective. I feel sort of hypnotized and I welcome it. It's a simple thought actually...Things are just clearer when you have a chance to get away - It's not just that I'm away and in an absolutely heavenly place but isn't it wonderful to get away and have a whole new light shining on everything? Whatever "issues" or "problems" or "thoughts" I think I have when I'm home certainly still exist when I'm away but I'm able to deal with them in a more healthy and natural way when I have some distance. I think this is true for everyone and like I said, it's a very simple and straightforward concept.

Tuscany is so magical. I've never visited any place like it and it's just the beginning of spring so being here it's as though we are the first people to ever discover it. We had breakfast in Lucca, lunch in San Gimignano and dinner in Siena. We went off the highway and drove through farms and vineyards. For over two hours we were the only people on the road and at breakfast and lunch there was no one but us enjoying our meals. At several points DS pulled over and we got out of the car to breath the freshest of air and we were all alone. It's the same sky and it's the same air but with distance it's something completely new and for us alone.

Tomorrow we're having breakfast in Siena and heading down to Montalcino. In a way all of this feels like a dream and all I see are cypress trees and clear skies. The good news for me is that I'm not really required to wake up until next Saturday, 6 days from now, when that plane lans at JFK.

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