Sunday, March 22, 2009

Only Love Can Leave Such a Mark

Pursue It

We finally bought the new u2 cd yesterday. I've been doing that lately - buying the cds instead of using Limewire or Itunes. There's something about holding that little plastic case in your hands and flipping through the book that I love and that I missed from getting music online. I think the photograph on the front cover looks a lot like this photo that I took on a misty day in Montauk last winter. Bono, Edge, Adam and Larry, I just want you to know that my schedule is open for you whenever you need me. ;-) No, seriously, call me.

I'm feeling very nostalgic today and not least of all because tomorrow is the one year anniversary of this blog - my first blogoversary! I'm announcing a very special giveaway in honor of this blogoversary so be sure to check back tomorrow to learn more. I'll also be continuing the week with more photos from our trip to
Italy. So...I'll be busy here at Ciao, Chessa! Stay tuned...and, in the meantime, enjoy this wonderful Sunday afternoon.

Today's soundtrack:
Magnificent -

I think that this is one of my favorite songs on No Line on the Horizon. I'm sure the song is about Bono's relationship with God but as for me, I interpret it to be about the relationship we have with ourselves. The way we beat ourselves up and somehow summon the strength to be proud of ourselves and our accomplishments. I am my own worst enemy but every once in a while, I realize that I do the best I can and I should be glad for that. I suppose this is the intention of all of U2's music - to be able to find whatever meaning you want and that it can be universal. Of course that interpretation can change. The song really has multiple meanings.

The only other person who this can possibly be about for me is my husband. I love him so much and get so much of my strength and drive from him. This week a friend was telling me that he realized that he loves his girlfriend. This wouldn't be anything particularly remarkable except that he told me that he's never felt that way about anyone. I'm just getting to know this person but somehow I think that this is true and I can sense his sincerity. I told him that I knew I first loved Mr. S when I realized that I wanted to be a better woman because of him and for him. Not just for me because that's a given - but, for him; because of him, as well. Is there anything more? I'm not sure there is.

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