Saturday, March 28, 2009

Made of Stone But Full of Life

I was completely fascinated by the jewels we found in the Vatican Museum. We hired a guide to take us through the museum, the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's. I was already so enamored by the Eternal City that I honestly thought I would faint from excitement in Vatican City. I felt like that character that Kristen Wiig (LOVE HER) plays on SNL. The one who freaks out about surprise parties and weddings and pretty much everything. Okay, maybe not quite as nuts but I was so completely overwhelmed.

These marble statues seemed to be breathing. Their expressions were so clear and nuanced. The muscles on their bodies and the looks on their was like at any moment they would come to life and start telling their stories.

How I felt there is nothing compared to how I felt when we stared up at the masterpiece that is the Sistine Chapel. Our necks were strained and in fact it's a great thing that they don't permit photography in there - I needed to experience it and not have my camera glued to my face (Mr. S and I are two of the tourists who actually obeyed that rule).

What a magical place.


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