Monday, March 16, 2009

Benvenuti a Casa!

We arrived safe and sound on Saturday evening after a nearly 10 hour flight. The only redeeming part of the Alitalia journey home was that they showed Twilight as the second movie. We were exhausted so we went to bed a couple of hours after we walked in the door. I had big plans for Sunday that included unpacking, visiting my niece and sister, organizing myself for the week and getting a mani/pedi but these things were rudely interrupted by the bug that took over my body no doubt caught by that terrible flight that we had endured the day before. I'm much better now but it will take me at least 3 days to recover and a lifetime to forgive Alitalia for the terrible service and for the illness.


This morning I woke up at 6am feeling much better but completely jet lagged. I haven't been as productive today as I wished but I blame it on the illness (of course). I was well enough to visit Palomita who I am happy to report recognized me in an instant. She was so excited in fact that she didn't want to eat anymore because she was stretching out her arms to me. I love that kid so much I can't take it.

Beyond that, I'm now in the process up uploading the hundreds of images that I took on our holiday. While we were away I thought to myself that I didn't take that many photos (at least not as many as I thought I did). I was really overwhelmed by the places we visited and I found myself looking with my own two eyes rather than through my viewfinder...of course I use my own eye when I take photos but I was honestly so taken and mesmerized by what I was seeing that I couldn't always raise my camera to shoot.

I am one of those people who carries the machine around their neck. I don't care how touristy it looks. I am like Linus and my Nikon is my security blanket. I feel naked without it and it's not really a touristy thing because I do it when I'm walking around my own neighborhood. But, like I said, I didn't take as many images on this trip as I thought I would even though I had it around my neck the entire time.

Having said that, I am (somewhat) satisfied with the images that I did capture.

This photograph was taken on our first and only sunny day in Florence (it rained the first two). I think it's difficult to capture a fresh perspective of this beautiful and often-photographed place but I think I may have accomplished my humble opinion, of course:) I love how abstract it feels in black and white. There is nothing abstract about this city. It is so rich in culture and history. Today a friend of mine asked me what our favorite part of our trip was. I told her that asking that question is like asking me which child of mine (if I had any) is my's impossible to answer! However, I can say with certainty that my favorite part about Florence was its energy and that palpable feeling that extraordinary things happened there. The art, the culture...this sense that it's such an enlightened and inspired place. I felt hypnotized by it. Stay tuned for more images...


PS--I promise to catch up with all of my favorite blogs this week! I'm desperately behind and I miss you all:)

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