Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Belated (Green) Thought. It counts!

I didn't remember it was St. Patrick's Day yesterday until I started to read all of my daily blogs and saw all the comments on Facebook. I watched the news in the morning like always and definitely heard about the parade but something just did not register. How can I be so out of it? My to-do list is so long I can barely remember anything that is not specifically on it.

I haven't gone out to "celebrate" St. Patrick's Day in so many years! I feel old saying that. Last night I celebrated at home drinking homemade left-over soup and watching American Idol (I have so many favorites this season it's too early for me to even discuss - but my dad and I are rooting for Danny so far, and Allison, oh and Matt - see, I can't decide). Back in college over ten (eek!) years ago it usually involved green beer and...that's about it: cheap green beer consumed in obscenely large quantities and often mixed with something equally as bad like cheap tequila or vodka shots. My stomach is hurting just thinking about it. I went to school in Boston so St. Patty's Day was kind of a huge deal...and, it usually coincided with the end of Spring Break so there was always something to do and it was always a ridiculously fun night.

Anyway..Happy St. Patrick's day short but it's the (belated) thought that counts, no?

Today's soundtrack: Inspired by all the beautiful Italian music we listed to on the radio on our drive through Tuscany where each of these images was taken...

Malika Ayane-Come Foglie (this woman is GOOD - I can't understand everything she is saying but her voice is so honest and raw that I don't even need to - I love it)

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