Saturday, February 07, 2009

Tweet! Tweet!

The same friend who encouraged me to start this blog and to get on Facebook and to just follow my dreams in general has asked me why I'm not on Twitter. Last night we went to celebrate another friend's birthday in the East Village
at a favorite place and in a dark-beer-induced stupor he and I and his wife and D examined Twitter on his IPhone. I've developed a sort of dependence on his advice and I now fear that if I don't do exactly what he says something might go wrong. Well, I exaggerate (I am Latina after all) but honestly, all these other things have gone so well and I've had so much fun with it that I've decided to follow his advice and join Twitter! tweet! tweet! I have no idea what I'm doing yet but so far it's fun.

So...Come follow me and see what I'm up to. Chances are if you read this blog you really have your fill of all things Monica Shulman aka Chessa! But, you know....we're a society that seems to function on information overdrive and please add me because I want to know what YOU'RE up to! Really, I do! :) Plus, I just need yet another excuse to procrastinate...

So, I'm off to have a lazy Saturday night at home with my wonderful husband on the couch and to get ready for the show in Brooklyn tomorrow night. If you're close by, stop in!

Here is yet another sneak preev.


Sorry Street

Today's soundtrack:

Feist - My Moon My Man (Feist is my new obsession)

Lego Land

In New York Freedom Looks Like...Too Many Choices

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