Monday, February 02, 2009

Tag! You're It!

I am happy to report that I am feeling much better. Thank goodness. Unfortunately, I have passed the bug on to D. There is a pox on our home. I'm sure of it. But, at least for now, we are back to our regularly scheduled programming.

I've recently been tagged on Flickr and Facebook and I just decided that I would make that a post today. Cop out? Perhaps...the rules are that you write a list of 25 random things about yourself and then you tag 25 other people. I've tagged them all in Facebook. I heart Facebook.

Happy Monday!

Rules (which I've simply copied and pasted from the 15 different tags that I've gotten)...Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about yourself. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

Ok, 25 is a little excessive so I choose to tag three. :) They are Mel, Amy and Mel. Ooh...doesn't that sounds like the name of an alternative rock band or an indie clothing label you'd find at a wonderful boutique in the East Village or the Marais? me likey.

1. I believe in soul mates because I found mine. I love my husband so much that my heart hurts just thinking about it. Sometimes I have this thought that we will not be together forever and I cannot bear it. I know everyone says this about their spouse but he is the kindest, most soulful, funniest, most loving, most selfless and smartest man I will ever know.

2. I feel guilty every day because I feel like I'm not doing enough with my time. I procrastinate a lot when I should be working.

3. I talk to my parents and my sister multiple times a day and I worry if I haven't heard from them.

4. I think that my mother and my sister are the strongest women in the world. They inspire me every single day.

5. My dad is an encyclopedia. If my sister or I ever have a question and we ask the other, our first question is "did you ask daddy?" He knows everything.

6. I am a crier. I cry at commercials, I cry when my niece laughs at my silliness, I cry when I'm happy.

7. I love maps and globes. I like to study them and play that game where you close your eyes and put your finger on a random place.

8. I have some of the most fascinating, craziest, quirkiest and smartest people as friends. I feel sad that I don't get to see some of them as often as I'd like.

9. Sometimes I still cannot believe that I left my job as a corporate lawyer to be a professional photographer. I didn't know I had that strength or the guts in me until after I finally did it.

10. Manners, especially table manners, are very important to me. I think it's gross when people slurp their soup and I get annoyed when people don't cut their food properly. In fact, this entire list could be about people's bad manners. I just do not understand why people don't teach their children proper manners and why as adults they just don't know better.

11. I love my out of control, crazy curly hair. I spent years fighting it and then I finally got smart and learned to love it (or at least deal with it).

12. I speak three languages fluently.

13. I am obsessed with make-up, especially lip gloss and lip balm. I will buy anything and can spend an hour in the make-up aisle at the drugstore, never mind the make-up counters at Saks and Bloomingdale's. When I see a Sephora I have to fight the urge to go in bc I will lose two hours in there and not even know it. This usually means that I have to cross the street to avoid it.

14. I LOVE shoes (and bags). I'm not embarrassed (although I should be) that I own over 15 pairs of boots and 150 pairs of shoes and sandals. I never throw a pair away and even if I'm sick of them, I get them fixed and then give them to a church or charity bc someone will wear them.

15. I believe in ghosts.

16. My Italian great-grandmother died 11 years ago and I miss her as though it was yesterday. I always think of her when I chop tomatoes or when I see an aloe plant.

17. My grandmother and aunt in Argentina make their own moisturizer. It's a family tradition and secret recipe and I have a huge tupperware full of it in my fridge (that's another random thing - I keep my moisturizer in my refrigerator bc I like the way it feels when I put it on my face). I labeled it: "PLEASE DO NOT EAT ME. I AM NOT DESSERT." bc I'm afraid D will think it's vanilla pudding or something.

18. I love my huge, crazy, loud and opinionated family. I love that we all talk at the same time in Spanish and English and that it takes 30 minutes to tell a 2 minute story bc we constantly interrupt each other.

19. I love all of my grandparents and feel blessed that I've had them in my life. My Cuban grandmother is the funniest and sassiest woman in the world. She makes me laugh out loud and sometimes she even makes me blush. My Cuban grandfather is the most patient and wisest man in the world. I wish I could crawl in his head and learn all of his secrets.

20. I miss my family in Argentina every single day and wish that we were closer to each other. I think about my grandfather every day and it breaks my heart to think that he never met my husband. I feel sad and start to cry when I think that my grandmother doesn't have him by her side anymore. She is the kindest, most sincere, genuine and classiest lady.

21. I think that two of the most important things that we can all teach our kids are tolerance and to have an open mind.

22. I never spent time in the Hamptons until we bought a house there. I love our home and I love that from the moment we walked inside I saw our entire life there. Aside from my grandparents backyard in Argentina, our home in East Hampton is the one place that brings me peace. I like inviting my parents to my house bc I really feel like they relax there.

23. I love New York and I feel lucky to live here. I love the kinetic energy and the anonymity. I love how tough and resilient it is. New York moves me and inspires me. I love how some days I feel like it's swallowing me up and others I feel like it's giving me a bear hug. I love the diversity and how chaotic yet oddly calming it is. I love how utterly fascinating and ridiculous it is.

24. Nothing inspires me more than travel. It is my number one indulgence and aside from photography, it is my passion. It is great that I'm with someone who loves it as much as I do.

25. My (top three) favorite cities in the world (so far) are New York, Buenos Aires and Paris - each place has played a significant role in making me the person I am today.

26. I find it really difficult to follow rules. ;-)

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