Monday, February 09, 2009

Shadows of Ourselves.

shadows of ourselves.

I am utterly exhausted from my day yesterday. It was fabulous. There were so many familiar faces who came to support me and so many new ones. I am so tired today and I have so much to do.

For one thing, I am in a processing frenzy. I am so backed up with photoshopping! I'm processing Etsy orders (yay!), I'm loading images for a special commissioned project, I'm preparing paperwork for Art Expo in a few weeks (details to follow!)...

And, I have complete writer's block today. Usually on these days I just post a photo and forget about it but I'm in one of those moods where I'll just talk about nothing. I'm sure that when I'm in these moods and I'm having a real live conversation the person I'm talking to wishes they could just hit the back button or click on a much more interesting link. sigh. I say this because we all know someone like this and I often find myself wishes I could just "sign off" of a conversation. What? Just sayin'... Admit that it happens to you too...we all know someone like that. I heart the internet.

Happy Monday!

Today's soundtrack (inspired by the Grammy Award Ceremony, which by the way, I thought was off the hook!):
Adele - Chasing Pavement

PS--this is my new favorite photography site...check it out!

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