Friday, February 27, 2009


oh. boy.

I know it's so very unlike me to just disappear for a day (I've been on Twitter and Facebook though)...still, no excuse.

Sorry about that. Things have been nuts and I've been running around for the last few days with Artexpo! I will be back soon...promise! And, it's very exciting because I'm going away on a MOLTO-needed vacay with my favorite person on Monday for two weeks. Ciao! We're going to Italy...we're finally making it there after canceling twice. Yes, twice. Most recently this last October.

So...while it is unlikely that I'll be posting photos while I'm there, I will definitely be writing. I'm just not sure that I want to bring my laptop with me. We're renting a car to drive from Florence to Rome and stopping for a few days in random places and I just don't want to worry about the computer. I don't want to spend time downloading photos, etc. Plus, I'm kind of looking forward to (although admittedly a little afraid) to being disconnected like that. Really only checking in once a day, if that. It's healthy. In a way I'm kind of excited to put into words what my images normally do for me. And, to be honest, I don't think that a photograph can accurately describe the nuance and burst of flavors of a plate of osso bucco coupled with a rich glass of red wine enjoyed in Montalcino or the stomach-flip feeling that I am sure I will experience when I step foot into the Sistine Chapel for the very first time. Ahh...Italia. I CANNOT WAIT! Can you? I promise to take fabulous photos of one of the most colorful, deeply cultural and exciting countries in the world.

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