Saturday, February 14, 2009

Is That a Banana in Your Window?

Or are you just happy to see me? ;-)

Is that a Banana on Your Tree?

I was walking home from the subway the other day and I came across this window in a shop in my neighborhood. It's a little place that sells Southeast Asian artifacts and trinkets...well, usually. It was pretty cold out on this day so I was rushing home but I did a double-take at the window that normally has reclining Buddhas and jade bracelets on display.

"What's this?" I thought! A tree with a hanging penis?! Dozens of them?! It was too good and funny to be true. Just in time for Valentine's Day...your very own wooden member! Pun intended. I love New York.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today's soundtrack:
New Order - Love Will Tear Us Apart

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