Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Google, Therefore I Am

I Google myself from time to time. Doesn't everyone? I mean, don't most people? Actually, I Google everything and on occasion, I Google myself. There are many, many variations that often include "New York", "photographer", "art" and my maiden name "Lima".

I always find this blog and my website, Flickr, Ro Gallery and a few
others, but every once in a while I come across something fabulous (luckily I haven't found anything awful...at least not yet).

I found this at a website called 3LUXE. Scroll down to read what they have to say about me and to see my image, "Hot Purple Lips"...woot!

Hot Purple Lips

Stay tuned for my posting fun today...I'm in one of those moods. And...don't forget to sign-up for my Giveaway! Yesterday I forgot to tell you that I'll announce the winners one week from tomorrow (my actual birthday), February 25th!

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