Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How many Manhattanites does it take to dig a car out of wet sand?

The answer is two: my husband and me.

The story goes like this...Sunday was a divine afternoon in East Hampton so we decided to go to the beach. We'd gone the day before and I took some photos but the weather was not as warm so we went back for seconds. I suggested driving onto the beach because we have a permit and have never done it before. D enthusiastically agreed. yay! Less than half a mile later something was awry - it felt like the car was struggling to move ahead. D called it and started to turn around but the car was stuck. oy. Panic ensues. Well, panic ensued in me. I had this vision of the tide coming up and taking us out to sea like Gilligan. Oh, the drama. D looks at me like I'm nuts at moments like these and he is so calm. I am Latina - I always blame it on that.

We used some umbrellas to try to dig the wheels out and while it helped a little, it did not really work. Yowsa. I got excited when I saw a Hummer racing toward us and announced "yay! help is coming!" but D simply laughed at me when it passed right by. That wasn't very nice of them. We ended up calling 911 and they sent a lovely man to tow us out of there. I was mortified (although not enough to put my camera away, of course) but I had the courage to ask the man if this is a common thing. I was sure he said - "sure, yuppies from the city always get stuck out here because they don't know any better, dumbass" - but D assures me that he said "sure, all the time! At least you guys have a permit." It was definitely an ordeal and while there was no charge for the tow and no ticket to pay, it did cost us a bit of dignity.

Someone else had the problem too...these aren't our tracks.

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