Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Have you ever?

I just can't take it. Can you?

(she looks so much like my sister here it's crazy)

(photo by my sister)

So...I'm running around all day getting ready for Artexpo starting this Thursday. I'm so excited but incredibly overwhelmed! I'm running to the framers right now to pick up the pieces and then to drop them off!

And, don't forget that you still have one more day to sign up for the Giveaway! (the print looks FAB on archival metallic paper)

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...love Maegan said...

omg so adorable ...oh I'm having major baby fever right now!!!! erggg. Why is it so hard to get pregnant?

nadia said...

beautiful!! i feel so similar about my niece!! all i can say is thank goodness we hardly use film anymore...or i would have to remorgage!! good luck with your show dear chessa!

mary said...

What a gorgeous girl. You are so lucky to have such an angel for a niece!!

Tartelette said...

Wow! The ressemblance is striking!!
My brother was just telling me how much my niece was like me, a royal PITA he added!!

Good luck for the expo! How exciting!

please sir said...

Awww such a cutie!!!

Kitten said...

My fave is one one where Paloma's putting her hand in your mouth. I love seeing the way the two of you bond!