Friday, February 13, 2009

Halls of Surprise.

A couple of weeks ago I went to the Humanities and Social Sciences branch of the New York Public Library to take some commissioned photos. My assignment was to take images of the lions outside, the general front of the building and the lobby.

Flash photography isn't permitted inside the library so I played around with my settings and then started shooting. I hadn't been there since I studied for the bar exam five years ago. A few days a week when I was feeling sick of my law school library or my desk at home, I went to the public library to do my reading and reviewing. I had passed the building dozens of times but I had never gone inside. Sitting in the reading room wasn't the smartest idea since my mind always wandered about - I loved looking at the details of the carved wood on the ceiling and I wondered what all those people were doing there on a beautiful summer afternoon. Every hour or so I would get up and wander the hallways. Back then I did not carry my camera with me every single day (I probably would have failed out of law school if I did).

I got the photos I needed for my assignment and then hung out there for a while. I stood at the end of this hall for about 30 minutes...I love when I find gems like this...something I've seen many times but then suddenly it looks different. I love New York. I love surprises.

Today's soundtrack:
Radiohead - 15 Step


Here's a link to some tips on shooting silhouettes. Happy long weekend!

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