Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I'm dreaming of this ocean right now. I'm looking out my window at a sea of concrete and just wishing I was lying, even standing, on the wet sand. I like how my boots seem to sink in the wetness and softness. I like the wind on my face and in my crazy hair.

It's winter and I love the solitude of the beach.

I want to escape there. Right now. Right this second.

It's such a complicated thing the ocean...especially in the winter. It comes in and out like always. But, it crashes at unexpected times. The water gets blown about by the wind. You think it is calm but then it comes raging at you. The sound of the gusts gets mixed with the breaks of the waves and there is no other noise around. The gulls are quiet because even they seem to be mesmerized by it.

Today's Soundtrack:
Coldplay - Lovers in Japan

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