Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Birthday Giveaway Co-Promo...An Update!

Remember earlier this week I blogged about my birthday giveaway? Well I'm very excited to announce that the folks over at Art MacGuffin are promoting the giveaway at their site.

If you haven't been there, you must check it out! Art MacGuffin is a collective of art historians, collectors art dealers and art brokers. I check their blog out daily to see what they are writing about and what beautiful, evocative and relevant art they are sharing with their readers. They also discuss their posts at length in their iTunes podcasts and on their Twitter page - add them!

To enter the giveaway you can leave a comment here or on my original giveaway post, leave a comment at Art MacGuffin or email me at

You could win an 8x12 COPY of: esta noche volveré
This photo was taken in Buenos Aires, Argentina in July 2008

esta noche volveré

Ok, I'm off to continue the Sweet Sixteen Part Deux fiesta!

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