Thursday, January 22, 2009

when I am alone.

It's been snowing a lot in New York. This weekend I shot over 500 images. I'm busy processing them but this was one of my favorite self-portraits taken in my yard away from the slush and muddy puddles and grays of the city.

when I am alone.

I woke up very early to take this. I love the morning light.

Sometimes I love that feeling of being completely alone. I say sometimes because I love being with my husband and my friends of course but, sometimes, I just want to be by myself, my thoughts, my things. At home in the city, even with so many people and so much activity all around, you can feel alone too. I love anonymity. I love New York because it gives me that - that alone but accompanied feeling. I live in a box made up of compartments filled with hundreds of people. I look outside and I see thousands of windows. I go out and I see a hundred unfamiliar faces in a two block radius. But, I am by myself. In the country, especially very early and in the middle of nowhere, you really are by yourself. You don't just feel that you are...

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Una Zamorana y un Sallentí said...

I like the same feeling as well. Sometimes I need to be alone, to have my own space and time, doing nothing, only staying with my thoughts.

I love the photo either

City Girl said...

I so understand that feeling about NYC - and I do miss it - though living in Downtown DC gives one that alone but accompanied feeling too - but only in a small part of the city. Maegan said...

wow. this is amazing. You always capture the mood so well. I love that about your work.

*I like being alone as well. Not always but it's definitely a necessity!

nadia said...

i understand. i love the snow. I was thinking of soing a self portrait project but terrified- because i think i must have a strong sense of self.. and lately i ma not there.

Chessa! said...

Una, isn't it marvelous?

City Girl, do you miss NY? I would...but then, I love DC too. How exciting to be there this last week, no?

Maegan, that is a HUGE compliment from you! thanks, woman!

nadia, don't be terrified...just go for it!