Tuesday, January 06, 2009

'Tis the (Awards) Season!

Well, it's that time of year again...award season! For me, this is actually better than Christmas and Hannukah put together. Why should Hollywood have all the fabulous fun? It's time for the Ninth Annual Weblog Awards! The 2009 Bloggies! The nominations close on January 12th so get to it!

I had a grand time nominating people and I think that you should definitely check it out...maybe, just maybe, you can nominate lil ole moi!

Here are my choices in various categories. I did not vote in all categories but I think that these bloggers, all of whom appear on my blog roll
to the left, to the left, more than deserve these noms and awards. For some I even voted more than once because I voted using different email addresses (it's allowed and I have so many favorite bloggers who deserve the recognition). Be sure to read the rules...you have to nominate three blogs in an given category and if you submit a second ballot later on, it will replace your first one. Get to it and show these folks some well-deserved lurve...

Best art, craft or design:

Bon Bon Oiseau
Design for Mankind
SF Girl By Bay

Best food:

Food Loves Writing
Angry Asian Creations

Best fashion:

Go Fug Yourself
The Sartorialist
Running With Heels

Best gossip:

Pink is the New Blog
Perez Hilton

Best politics:

The Daily Kos
Huffington Post
Andrew Sullivan

Best writing:

La Porte Rouge
Greek Tragedy

Best group:

Crooks and Liars

Best kept-secret:

...Love, Maegan
The Lil Bee

Weblog of the Year:

Road Trip

And, my absolute favorite category for obvious reasons...
Best Photography of a Weblog:

Under Consideration
Nectar and Light

And, I admit it, I nominated myself in this category. What? It's allowed! At least I'm honest...

Bonus soundtrack for today...because I love her and I've played this cd to death (yes, I still buy those).

Cat Power - Living Proof

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