Thursday, January 29, 2009

Testing. Testing. One. Two. Three.


I love portraiture. I like directing people and finding the best light. I like capturing them when they're not looking and getting them to pose when they know I'm there.


My sister dabbled in modeling in her past life so she's good at taking direction and she has great ideas of her own. She has a gorgeous face and she's usually game to her photo taken. The other day I had to go downtown to take some photos at Castle Clinton and she (and the sleeping
beauty) kept me company. In the meantime, while her daughter slept soundly in her stroller, I took advantage of the setting sun on the river and my sister amused me for a while and let me practice.

I couldn't decide on the processing...what do you think?

Happy almost Friday!

Today's soundtrack:
Air - All I Need

Visit the Digital Photography School for tips on how to take portraits.

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