Monday, January 26, 2009

split personality

I hope you all had a lovely and relaxing weekend. This is the first time in a very long time that I skipped blogging all weekend. I just needed to disconnect from everything and get back to basics. I went out and took a lot of photos and I caught up with processing images that I had almost forgotten about on my hard drive.

This weekend, during my self-imposed time off, I had a look back at images that I shot at Main Beach in East Hampton earlier this month. I've mentioned how much I love the beach. But, I especially love the many faces and moods of the ocean in the middle of a harsh winter. I stood outside on the sand and snow in the freezing (literally) cold with my camera and tripod for only 30 minutes (that's how long I could tolerate the weather). But, in that short amount of time, I saw the true colors of a winter sea. At once calm like a sleeping baby and moments later in a full rage like a woman scorned.

The ocean has many faces but they don't always show themselves on the same day. I guess I just got lucky.

Happy Monday, people. I hope you all have a fabulous week!

Today's soundtrack:

Losing Touch - The Killers


More to come...

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mary said...

I'm the same way -- the beach is at it's best during the most underappreciated of times (during a storm; at dusk; in the cold...) That second shot down is FABulous! :)

Matt Allen Photography said...

Great images - my favorite is the second one you posted. That green cast is beautiful.

Having grown up only a few feet from the ocean I can definitely agree that the ocean in winter is the most dramatic. Just the sound it makes [that constant grinding whirls] is amazing.

you've done a great job capturing the intensity of the ocean in winter.

amy said...

oh winter sea... i love you!

Shannalee said...

I usually only see your blog in my reader so I don't know when you changed the header image... but I like it! :)

valerie said...

these are absolutely breathtaking. i love the curl on the last one. so vicious and real.

Leigh said...

I cannot stop staring at these, especially #2. Literally perfection!!

Vana said...

You know i am in love with the beach? I grew up by it and live far away from it! These photos made me happy and sad at the same time. Your photography is so powerful and can stir such emotions without trying hard. Lovely!

Chessa! said...

thank you! thank you! everyone.

I'm so desperate for warm weather that I can't bear to post anything else, no matter how pretty, if it has to do with winter. I'm kidding myself with the photos of the beach bc it was SO cold that afternoon. I was shivering and had to dig my tripod into the sand bc I was sure it would blow over!

Even so, it was such an amazing day. I'm so inspired by the water and the sound...and yes, like Vana says, it stirs such emotion. Thank you, Vana by the way, for saying such kind things! Thank you all of you!

disa said...