Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Way In-The Way Out

I'm thinking about opportunities lately. Nothing really deep or anything. It's just that they come and they go and we are the ones who determine what will happen when we are presented with them. We can either make "it" happen or we can make "it" disappear. We are responsible for our destinies and we are the ones who choose to open or close the doors and windows of our lives.

Manhattan Reds

The Walkway

The Way Out - The Way In

Sorry Street

Passage to the Past

the ghosts

In New York Freedom Looks Like...Too Many Choices

Geometric City

Urban Escapes

things I do not understand

Saturday, April 26, 2008

The East End

I love New York. I love living here. It's not just that I love living in an urban environment and feeling like I am somewhere even if I am nowhere, but, as I've already said, I love the energy of my city, the quirkiness, even the dust and noise (well, not as much as the other stuff...)

However, sometimes I cheat on New York - and, not just when I get on a plane and go to some far off place. Sometimes we get in the car and drives two hours to the beach on the east end of Long Island - Southampton, Bridgehampton, East Hampton, Montauk - The End, and every where in between. I love the Hamptons. I love the winter, the spring, the summer and the fall. I love the total laziness and relaxation that takes over my body and that I never quite feel when I'm home in the Manhattan, even on a Sunday when the entire city seems to have either taken a tranquilizer or overdosed on eggs benedict and bloody marys. I like cooking dinner in a kitchen that fits more than one person and a garbage pail at a time. I like having our meals at a kitchen table that isn't also a desk and general storage space for books, keys, mail, pocketbooks, receipts, wallets, newspapers, change, magazines, batteries, chargers, ipods, blackberries, take out menus and whatever other random crap doesn't quite fit anywhere else. I love the fresh air and the smell of fresh cut grass. I love hearing the wind in the leaves and sleeping with the window open. I like hearing "house noises" like creaking wood and central air or branches on window screens.

This is a very different home away from home.

crown me with your heart

Sos el paisaje más soñado

Ride It

The Aloof

mereces lo que sueñas

Just Want to Love You For a Minute

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

The People of the World

In Love in Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina.

When I travel, my favorite thing, above all else, even eating, is talking to and spending time with local people. There is no other way to learn a culture or learn about a place. I have been very lucky to spend time with the people of the world --the odd, the lovely, the cruel and the kind. The strange, the beautiful, the eclectic, the happy and the sad. Here they are...some of them.

The Little

Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Le Pêcheur

Paris, France.

En Una Rueda

Valladolid, Mexico.

one little life

Misiones, Argentina.

Jazz Gals

New Orleans, Louisiana.

Mister Lounge

Angkor Thom, Cambodia.


La Plata, Argentina.

Kebabs on Park Avenue

New York, New York.

Palomas en la Plaza de Mayo

Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Rebuild the 9th Ward

New Orleans, Louisiana.

Mister Relax

Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The New Yorker

I Love New York

I love to travel but I love coming back home. I've lived in other cities and I like to think that I could live somewhere else but really, I'm a New Yorker. I love New York. I love the energy, the anonymity, the ups and downs, the diversity, the food, the day and the night. I love the feeling that you are always accompanied even when you feel like you are alone. This is home.

In the Neighborhood

Four Twenty

Empire Envy

We Are All Shades of Grey

to Brooklyn

Urban Landscape

Check out more pictures of my hometown here:

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Big Easy - A Photo Essay

all drinks must be in plastic containers

It's New Orleans Jazz Fest time again! We took a trip with our friends last year and sadly, we are not going to make it this year. This is a photo essay that I wrote last year to remember our time there.

music man

Today marks the two-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. New Orleans and the surrounding communities continue to suffer. It is difficult to do justice to this beautiful, broken place that seems both euphoric and deeply depressed. After Hurricane Katrina wreaked cruel devastation on New Orleans, I told myself that I would visit this charming, lively city that has captivated and enamored so many souls.

I Heart New Orleans

Make Levees Not War

This year, as in all other years, the annual Jazz and Heritage Festival was on the last weekend in April and the first weekend in May. The festival, known simply as "Jazz Fest" to most, was in its 37th year and from its inception it was seen as an important event for the city that would have great cultural significance and popular allure. As an avid photographer I could not wait to turn my lens on the city, its people and its visitors. We could not have imagined the vast space, filled with countless stages in all directions, where the festival hosts artists playing blues, gospel street parade music, rock and roll, soul, and, of course, jazz. Beyond the eclectic styles of music, the concession booths take traditional festival food way beyond hot dogs and funnel cakes, with delicious catfish po'boys and creamy crawfish Monica. I had heard it described as America's best party, and it did not disappoint.

April 2007 - Jazz Fest 114

April 2007 - Jazz Fest 462

Aside from enjoying Jazz Fest, we spent most of our time in the evocative and mysterious French Quarter where the ghosts of those who have walked the streets seem to be alive in the churches, row houses and Creole restaurants and in the lovely Garden District. With every corner turned there was a new picture to be taken, a new detail to be experienced - the sounds, colors and scents of this enchanted city will always remain with me.

A Quarter and a Half

As always, you can see more pictures on my Flickr page:

April 2007 - Jazz Fest 376

Working It