Friday, March 28, 2008

Features and Press

FEATURES and Press from around the web...

RoGallery Art Dealers
Flickr Germany
Dossier Journal
Vermont Photo Place Gallery - Self-Searching: The Art of Self-Portraiture

In July 2008 I was interviewed on national television in Argentina. We discussed my work and participation in the ArteClasica Fine Art fair held annually in Buenos Aires.

Dream Sequins
Imprint Magazine
Saatchi Gallery
F-Stop Magazine

Bliss Blog
NY Arts Magazine
Sacred Destinations
Photographer Spotlight Seven
We Love Indie Blog
Art Macguffin Blog
The Lil Bee Blog...and, again

Popcorn and Pretty
Some Things We Did Blog
Matt Alan Photography Blog
The Gallery at Kingston Station
The International Black and White Spider Awards
Delightful Blogs
Female Photographers of Etsy
Top 10 Blogs to Follow in 2010
Top 100 Photographers on Twitter
4th Annual Photography Masters Cup - The International Award Honoring Color Photography
Women in Photography International


And, here's some information about my work, exhibits and various publications...


Selected Solo Exhibitions:

9/2009, New York City Mercantile Exchange Gallery

2/2009, Le Chandelier Salon, Brooklyn, New York

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2/2010, RumbleArt Santa Barbara, California, Curated by Catherine Gee

6/2009, “Portraits: The Self and Others” at Broadway Gallery, Curated by Nick Taucher New York, New York

10/2008, Kuunstdaage Art, Holland

Selected Art Fairs:

11/2009, ArteClasica Fine Art Fair, Galeria Lagard, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Curated by Claudia Lagard

2/2009, Art Expo New York, New York City, Curated by Andres Bardon ArteClasica, Argentina,

7/2008, ArteClasica Fine Art Fair, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Curated by Andres Bardon

2/2008, Art Expo New York, New York City, Curated by ArteClasica, Argentina, Andres Bardon

Selected Honors and Awards:

8/2010, Professional Photographer Nominee for "Working It", People Category, 4th Annual Photography Masters Cup - The International Award Honoring Color Photography, juried by, among others, Laura Paterson, Specialist, Department of Photographs at Christie's New York; ESQUIRE - London David McKendrick, Art Director and Henny Manley, Director of Photography; TASCHEN - UK Julius Wiedemann, Editor; GETTY IMAGES - Los Angeles & New York, Amy Steigbigel, Director of Photography (NY) and Charlie Holland, Director of Photography (LA); PARIS-ART - Paris, Andre Rouille, Director; VOGUE.COM UK, Nicole Frankel, Senior Picture Editor; MUSEE DE L'ELYSEE - Lausanne, Switzerland William A. Ewing, Director; and MUSEE DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE - Bruxelles, Xavier Canonne, Director.

6/2010, Honorable Mention for "Shadows of Ourselves", Women in Photography International, Decade of Images 2000-2010 Competition, Juried by, Elizabeth Houston, Director, Hous Projects / New York City; Pamela Shoenberg, gallery owner, DNJ Gallery / Los Angeles, CA; Laurie Frank, gallery owner, Frank Pictures Gallery / Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, CA; Mary Goodwin, Associate Director at Light Work/ Syracuse, New York; and, Melanie Light, Executive Director, Fotovision / Berkeley, CA

6/2010, Honorable Mention for "When East Meets West", Women in Photography International, Decade of Images 2000-2010 Competition, Juried by, Elizabeth Houston, Director, Hous Projects / New York City; Pamela Shoenberg, gallery owner, DNJ Gallery / Los Angeles, CA; Laurie Frank, gallery owner, Frank Pictures Gallery / Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, CA; Mary Goodwin, Associate Director at Light Work/ Syracuse, New York; and, Melanie Light, Executive Director, Fotovision / Berkeley, CA

1/2010, Professional Photographer Nominee for "Shadows of Ourselves", Silhouette Category, 5th Annual International Black and White Spider Awards, Juried by, among others, David Clarke, Tate Gallery, London; Dr Juliet Hacking, Sotheby's Institute of Art; Michael Shulman (no relation), Magnum Photos, New York; Deborah Harris, The Armory Show Modern, New York; Darren Ching, Photo District News (PDN); and, Kristín Hauksdóttir, Reykjavík Museum of Photography, Iceland.

12/2009, Bronze Merit Award for "Hay Milonga de Amor", International Aperture Awards, Melbourne Victoria Australia

7/2009, Honorable Mention for "Urban Summer Kids", Women in Photography International, Summer 2009 Competition "Children" Category, Juror: Carol McCusker, PhD - Curator of Photography / (MoPA),Museum of Photographic Arts San Diego, CA

1/2009, Runner-Up in “People” Category for "Hay Milonga de Amor" in Popular Photography Magazine. Publication in January 2009 print version of Popular Photography Magazine.

10/2008, Honorable Mention for "Lost in Thought", International Photography Awards (The Lucie Awards), “Portraits” Category

Selected Features:

12/2009, F-Stop Magazine, Issue #38 – Two images selected for publication.

11/2009, Imprint Magazine,"The Professionals: Lawyer Turned Photographer, Monica Shulman"

8/2009, “In Her Own Image” A Collection of Self-Portraits – A Book by “The Female Self-Portrait Artist Support Group” (Self-Published via Blurb, Inc.)

5/2009, Yahoo! Business & Human Rights Summit, Sunnyvale, CA. - Two Images exhibited for exhibition during Summit.

4/2009, Selected as an Artist of the Month, April 2009, Art Fairs International Magazine and E-Zine Magazine

4/2009, NY Arts Magazine, Featured Artist

2/2009, F-Stop Magazine, Issue #33 – Four images selected for publication.

7/2008, Television Interview: “Spotlight on Emerging Artists” Crear Fusion Buenos Aires, Argentina

2/2008, National Geographic E-Magazine Featured Top 12 Photograph “When East Meets West”


Permanent Collection at RoGallery, Long Island City, New York

Permanent Collection at Kingston Station Restaurant and Gallery Boston, Massachusetts

Private individual and corporate collectors across the United States and South America


I am represented on a non-exclusive basis by RoGallery, Long Island City, New York and by ArteClasica Fine Art, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Certain of my photographs are represented by Getty Images.


I sell limited edition prints and generally am interested in artistic projects and commissions of all kinds. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested or if you have any questions.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Tourists

I live in New York City. I see tourists everywhere, every day.
This morning I was walking down 6th Avenue in the West Village and I passed in front of Gray's Papaya. For anyone who doesn't know, they serve hot dogs. I'm not a huge fan of hot dogs (actually, they gross me out), but I can understand tourists wanting to go to this New York institution. However, it was 10:30 in the morning.
I've definitely done many touristy things while on vacation to far off places, but this I did not understand. There were people on line down the block for the dogs! oy. Then I noticed that in the window there was a sign thanking Senator Obama. Apparently the people of Gray's Papaya are "Ready for Change" too (perhaps more on that another day)!!! I immediately thought that Senator Obama must be in the building. Why else would all these people (maybe they weren't tourists after all) be waiting around the corner? Certainly not for a hot dog. So, I looked in the window. I actually went up to the window and was about to cut all these people in line to get a little peek. I was wrong, they were tourists. oy.
Wouldn't you know that I had my camera but no memory card? Why do I always seem to do that? And, I was talking to a client on the phone so I couldn't hang up on them to use the camera on my blackberry. Annoying. I love taking photos of people with their cameras. Like most New Yorkers I got bored (and annoyed) with the tourists and the situation, so I kept walking.
Here are some pictures of tourists around the world...

Angkor, Cambodia

The Tourists

Monkey Beach, Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

The Tourist Trap
The picture posted above is of tourists taking photos of ruins in Chichen Itza, Mexico.

Monday, March 24, 2008

my friends inspire me...even the ones I haven't met.

not the simple girl...

Today I read this quote on a friend's Flickr page:

"We have never arrived. We are in a constant state of becoming." - Bob Dylan

It feels good to read that and to know that.

Some of my self-portraits illustrate that idea....I think.

I May Have Been Dreaming

The Waking Night

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Contact Me

I'd love to hear from you! Please feel free to CONTACT ME at either:


shadows of ourselves.

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About Me

Hi! Welcome to Ciao, Chessa! My name is Monica Shulman and
I'm a self-taught photographer living in New York City with my husband and our brand new baby girl.

I first started this blog to supplement my professional photography website because I wanted a place to talk about my photography work and projects. Eventually it grew into a wonderful and fun dialogue about art and photography, in general, my life as a Corporate Dropout, stuff I like, stuff that annoys me, living in New York City, family, music, my personal travel, design and other fabulous and delightful things.

.Camuflaje Eficaz.

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First Post - Birth of a Blogger?

I like to take pictures. I've been shooting for more than half my life. I'm completely self-taught. It was a serious hobby and then I went to law school and I stopped all together only taking my camera out on vacations and at weddings. In an effort to find a creative outlet, I picked it up again about four years ago. I realized how much I missed it. I had never shared my work before and I always shot film. I switched to digital and I joined Flickr after a friend suggested it and I became completely hooked.

I've been thinking about starting a blog for ages. I opened this blogger account over two years ago and then I just forgot about it. When I first opened the account, my idea was to write randomly about whatever came to mind or not to write at all and just post photos. However, I was working so many hours that the idea sort of died as quickly as it was born. My husband and I went up to Boston yesterday and we were having dinner at our friend's restaurant and I started talking about it. It wasn't entirely random that I would bring it up. We were talking with our friend, K, about life changes and taking risks and timing (they say it's everything, and they're right). Almost a year ago, when I first left my job as a corporate lawyer, I thought about starting the blog to post photos of my non-working summer. I had never had so much time in between jobs (three months!) and I thought about blogging about it. Again, it flew in and out of my mind. I first thought about titling this post "The Reluctant Blogger".

I left my job as a corporate attorney at a NYC law firm to work part-time with my family's business and to pursue a career as a photographer. Gulp. It was scary. In some ways, it still is. Sometimes I still cannot believe that I did it...still. My friend, K, did something similar several years ago when he left his Wall Street job to pursue his passion and dream of opening a restaurant. Incidentally, my friend S who introduced me to K, also left his job as corporate lawyer to focus on his growing business. My friends inspire me.

With hindsight everything seems clearer. This is obvious. At the time, not so much. Also obvious. I just felt like I needed something different and I knew that I could take the steps toward achieving that "thing" if I just took the risk, left something familiar that I thought I was getting pretty good at, and tried it. All around me people were changing their lives and making choices that worked for them. Why couldn't I? If it turned out to be an error, I at least would know that I had made an attempt. Again, this is much clearer now but not so much when I was actually going through with it.

So, this afternoon on the drive back down to New York I started to think about my dormant blog. I started to get excited (and nervous) about writing and I started thinking about what my first post would be about. I also became excited about having a new place, other than Flickr, where I've been a member for almost two years, and my soon-to-be launched website, to post photos. So, I stopped thinking about it and here I am, writing to no one in particular and about to click on the "Publish Post" button for the first time.

Even if it took me a while to get here, I suppose the important thing for me is that I've started...

I like to take pictures. No, actually, I love to take pictures. If you somehow made your way to this, I hope you enjoy...