Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Zut Alors!

c'est si bon

Remember I blogged about going to Paris this month? Well, I'm leaving tonight!

The next time I check in I will be on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. I almost didn't make it. I'm going with my mom and we were supposed to leave on Monday night but had to cancel because of a conflict in our schedule. But, at the last minute, we bought a ticket and we are going.

I lived there for a semester in college and have been lucky enough to go back several times since. The last time I was there was two years ago for my 30th birthday. That time I almost didn't make it either because our flight was canceled due to that crazy Valentine's Day snow storm. Remember that? We kept getting on and off planes until they finally canceled us. It was a nightmare but we finally made it there a few days after we were supposed to and it was a wonderful birthday with my husband, my parents and my aunt and uncle. On the day of my birthday we saw Diane Von Furstenberg looking beautiful and elegant and perfectly casual in blue jeans and a black leather jacket walking down the Boulevard Saint Germain and my long weekend in France suddenly became even more memorable than it already was.

I'm looking forward to the time away in Paris but also to spend some uninterrupted, no blackberry or cell phone distraction, time with my mom.

Stay tuned! A tout de suite, mes amis!

Today's soundtrack:
Je Suis Venu Te Dire - Serge Gainsbourg

par une petite rue

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