Friday, December 19, 2008

Vintage Paris

Parisian Rooftops

I've been blogging about my near obsession with Poladroid and since I didn't have the real thing in Paris, I've been playing around with the software since I returned home. Don't be sad (or jealous) that it's only available for Mac users right now...I have an inquiring mind and have heard that the PC version is forthcoming.

People (ie. my treasured readers and friends) have been asking me why I so often process my images of Paris in black and white and in vintage-y tints. My decisions regarding post-processing naturally have to do a lot with my mood at the time I take a photo and my mood when I'm processing when I am back home. But, beyond that, my decision has a lot to do with the place where the image was taken. I tend to see Paris scapes in black and white and other softer, less saturated colors. I have inspiring flashes of Monsieurs
Doisneau and Cartier Bresson in my head and I can't help but see the scenes as they would. This is the ultimate irony because Parisians are so interesting and unique and Paris is such a vibrant city that is so rich in culture that you can't help but see all of her colors and lights. Yet, I still have that idea in my mind that she is at her most beautiful when she is viewed simply in grey, black, white and the distressed and muted colors of old photographs and now-vintage cameras.

Now that I have Poladroid, I can experiment with my photos of Paris in a way that I have never really been able to before. Of course I can process them this way in Photoshop but this is so much more fun - plus, you can shake it right on your desktop! Photoshop doesn't let you do that!

Happy weekend, mes amis!

Today's soundtrack:

From the soundtrack to Amelie

Place de la Concorde Ferris Wheel

Rue de Rivoli

Notre Dame Details.

Champs Elysees

La Tour Eiffel

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