Tuesday, December 09, 2008

This Pigeon's Life

A few days ago I blogged about taking the time to look up. Here is another image from that series.

It's freezing in New York these days. I get a chill just looking at this photo because I remember exactly where I was and how numb my fingers felt when I took it. I was running to the subway down by City Hall Park and I had already put my camera in my bag. I was digging in my pocket for my Metrocard when I looked up and saw these pigeons hanging out. If I were to see this image, with no background about place or time, I would imagine them very peaceful, in a quiet place, and I bet that I could hear that cooing sound that they make. Not to spoil that lovely image that I've just created for you but that is nothing like what this scene was on this particular day.

To a New Yorker, the scene is status quo - we learn to block these things out until we barely notice them anymore. But, to a regular person - the traffic was somewhat out of control, the honking was unbearable, the people were running around trying to get to where they were going and out of the cold, the cops were directing traffic from the Brooklyn Bridge, messengers were zipping around on their bikes...it was your typical downtown Manhattan madness. Yet, again, I looked up and saw this.

I thought to myself that if I could just shut off everything else around me, then I would be able to hear that sound they make. You know...that cooing, rrring, sound. I tried with all my might to do it, but, alas, I'm not a superhero and it's nearly impossible sometimes to get some peace and quiet in this city no matter how zen your mind is. Now I'm typing this post from my desk in my apartment and a minute ago I was in the zone and didn't hear a sound until I consciously thought about it and heard a huge truck go down Second Avenue, the kids screaming in the park eight floors down from my window and the super vacuuming the carpet in the hall. It's not as easy to do that when you are out on the street like I was on this particular day, looking for my Metrocard, deciding to take my camera out of my bottomless pit of a bag and wishing that I had brought my gloves with me, but I can try to do it now and create another reality for myself.

Today's soundtrack: I've just gotten this new album (yes, I still call them albums because that's what they are) and it's pretty good...this is the first single from the cd.

The Killers - Human

Here is the image processed in a different way...

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